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Stay Motivated Apparel was created by a husband and wife duo who LOVE to make things happen.  We love to motivate, inspire and spread goodness at all times.

A bit about Us:

We, Nase and Liana Foai have been married since 2008 in NZ and moved that same year to Sydney, Australia.  As well as moving to Australia, we also started our Website/Design company “Nasyana Business Services“.  We’ve created over 500 websites for clients all over Australia.

In 2010 we moved to Gold Coast so Nase could pursue his professional kickboxing career, since then we have continued Nasyana Business Services, Nase’s Professional Kickboxing Career & in 2014 Liana decided to play top level Netball after 6 years off.

How did Stay Motivated Apparel Start:

Naturally we LOVE helping people realise for themselves what they would love to do in life or short term and do all we can to help.

We go for a 6km morning walk every morning and in March 2015 we started talking about the types of clothing (something we noticed while morning past over 100 people everyday) and eventually Liana realised 1.  She LOVES clothing and 2. She LOVES motivating people.

So … that is how we started Stay Motivated Apparel.  The first appearance of Stay Motivated Apparel was worn by Nase’s whole support crew of over 300 people for his K1 Kickboxing event King In the Ring which was the best 4 Australian Heavyweights vs the best 4 NZ heavyweights.

Looking forward to seeing you show off your Stay Motivated Apparel and helping/hearing about your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Nase & Liana Foai xx